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Our Philosophy
      Shalom Jewish Funeral Home Inc. is a privately owned chapel which caters to the Jewish community and their families. We ensure that families receive proper arrangements for burial in accordance with Jewish tradition. We work under your rabbi's supervision, or can assist in finding the appropriate rabbi for you needs. Our funeral directors have over 100 years of experience in the funeral profession, and are involved with many shuls in the community.

     Many of the Jewish owned funeral businesses have been sold to public corporations, who must charge high prices to pay their stockholders large dividends. We, at Shalom Jewish Funeral Home Inc., are not part of any such conglomerate. We therefore are able to reduce the cost of a funeral, without reducing the quality of the funeral. We take pride in treating families on a personal level, as opposed to being treated by a commercially-owned business. 
     Our offices and chapels are tastefully decorated, and accented with many forms of Jewish art. In a private area of our building, our chevra kadisha (burial society) is able to perform tahara services (ritual of washing the deceased). We have a showroom containing all wood constructed caskets, which are used in accordance with Jewish law. 

    Our chapel is a stately facility with ample free parking accommodations for families and visitors, and is centrally located to all major highways. Our chapels can accommodate from 25-300 people.